Princess Anne Inspires Fendi’s Latest Men’s Fashion Collection

Princess Anne Inspires Fendi's Latest Men's Fashion Collection

The Princess Royal’s timeless style and commitment to sustainability serve as the muse for high-end Italian fashion house Fendi’s autumn and winter 2024 designs.

Princess Anne, known for her frugal and practical fashion choices, has unexpectedly become a men’s fashion icon. Fendi, the renowned Italian fashion house, recently unveiled its autumn and winter 2024 collection at Milan Fashion Week, with designer Silvia Venturini Fendi citing the 73-year-old Princess Royal as her inspiration. Venturini Fendi praised Anne’s elegance, ability to maintain femininity while wearing a uniform, and her commitment to longevity in fashion. This unlikely collaboration breaks barriers and challenges traditional masculine and feminine codes, showcasing Anne’s influence and timeless style.

A Fashionable Inspiration: Princess Anne’s Unique Style

Princess Anne’s fashion choices have always been characterized by her practicality and commitment to sustainability. She often recycles her favorite outfits, demonstrating her frugality and environmental consciousness. The Princess Royal’s timeless style has captivated Venturini Fendi, who described her as “the chicest woman in the world.” Anne’s ability to exude femininity while wearing a uniform and her military-minded attitude have inspired Fendi’s new men’s collection. This collaboration highlights the fashion industry’s recognition of Anne’s unique approach to dressing.

A Commitment to Longevity: Anne’s Ethos and Fendi’s Collection

Venturini Fendi’s collection for autumn and winter 2024 aligns perfectly with Anne’s ethos of creating garments for life, not for immediate disposal. The designer emphasized the importance of longevity, echoing Anne’s belief in sustainable fashion. Fendi’s collection features timeless pieces that would suit a wet winter’s day on the moors near Balmoral, including generous overcoats, leather wellies, oiled waxed jackets, and baggy sweaters in moss green and slate gray hues. This collaboration showcases the fashion industry’s shift towards more sustainable and durable clothing options.

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Anne’s Stance on Recycled Fashion and Supporting Local Manufacturers

Princess Anne’s commitment to recycling her clothes and avoiding disposable fast fashion aligns with Fendi’s focus on longevity. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Anne admitted to reusing outfits because she is “quite mean.” During her recent tour of Sri Lanka, she voiced her concerns about the environmental impact of fast fashion, emphasizing the need for materials that can withstand multiple fashion evolutions. Anne’s support for local manufacturers and her preference for having clothes made in the UK also resonates with Fendi’s commitment to craftsmanship and supporting skilled artisans.

Breaking Barriers and Challenging Traditional Codes

Venturini Fendi expressed her admiration for Anne’s anti-fashion persona, highlighting its fashionable and chic appeal. The Princess Royal’s ability to break the masculine and feminine codes with her rigorous yet feminine style inspired Fendi’s exploration of gender-neutral fashion. This collaboration represents a departure from traditional gender norms, embracing a more inclusive and diverse approach to clothing. Princess Anne’s influence reaches beyond her role as a fashion icon, challenging societal expectations and encouraging individual expression.


Princess Anne’s unexpected role as a men’s fashion icon has inspired Fendi’s latest collection for autumn and winter 2024. Her timeless style, commitment to sustainability, and ability to challenge traditional fashion norms have captivated the fashion industry. Fendi’s collaboration with Anne showcases the brand’s dedication to longevity and craftsmanship, aligning perfectly with the Princess Royal’s ethos. This unlikely partnership highlights the evolving landscape of fashion, embracing sustainability, inclusivity, and individual expression. Princess Anne’s influence extends far beyond her royal status, proving that true style transcends boundaries and conventions.

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