Women in Tech & Entrepreneurship Announces Inaugural 2024 Board of Directors

Women in Tech & Entrepreneurship Announces Inaugural 2024 Board of Directors

Diverse group of leaders to support women in tech careers and entrepreneurship

Women in Tech & Entrepreneurship (WTE), an organization dedicated to empowering women in the tech industry and entrepreneurship, has unveiled its first-ever board of directors for 2024. With a mission to promote economic empowerment and foster inclusivity, WTE aims to address the gender imbalance in the technology workforce and increase the number of women in leadership positions. The organization, which started in Tampa in 2022 and expanded to include chapters in St. Pete, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale, is making significant strides in supporting ambitious women in their tech careers and business ventures.

The Gender Gap in Tech:

Despite women making up half of the population, the representation of women in the technology industry remains significantly low. According to U.S. Census data from 2018-2022, less than 28% of the technology workforce identifies as female, and only around 17% of technology companies have a woman serving as CEO. A survey conducted in 2022 found that 91.88% of software developers are men, highlighting the urgent need for initiatives like WTE to bridge the gender gap.

The Inaugural Board of Directors:

WTE’s 2024 board of directors comprises 14 accomplished women with diverse backgrounds in technology, entrepreneurship, finance, government contracting, and marketing. These leaders, hailing from various companies across the United States, bring a wealth of experience and sector-specific knowledge to the organization’s more than 3,000 members.

The board members include:

– Chair: Raechel Canipe, WTE/RevStar
– Vice Chair: Molly Levinson-Kroeber, Cope Notes/Mello
– General Counsel: Vanessa Ferguson, Ferguson Legal, PLLC
– Treasurer: Lisa Marteney, Risk Advisory Services
– Secretary: Denise Acosta Musselwhite, Tech & Thrive
– Supplier Diversity Chair: Andrea Knight, Airbus US Space & Defense, Inc.
– Advocacy & Intersectionality Chair: Ana Irving, Engenium
– Events Chair: Jojo Kalita, 4th Down Solutions
– Marketing Co-Chair: Jessica Charles, Elevated Exposure Worldwide
– Marketing Co-Chair: Justine D’Addio, Hyde Park PR
– Program & Curriculum Chair: Jessica Sudler, Rogue Mobile
– Program & Curriculum Observer: Rachel Thomas, Milena International Inc.
– Fundraising & Sponsorship Co-Chair: Cat Suplicy, RavenOps
– Fundraising & Sponsorship Co-Chair: Ashley Williams, Visionary Rising Agency/LIONSROAM

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Raechel Canipe, Founder and CEO of Women in Tech & Entrepreneurship, expressed her gratitude for the support and dedication shown by the board members. She emphasized the importance of attracting talented and passionate women leaders from across the country to support WTE’s mission.

Addressing the Gender Gap:

WTE is committed to creating a more supportive environment for women in tech and entrepreneurship. The organization offers mentorship, education, and a strong community to empower women in their careers. Recognizing the alarming rate at which women leave tech roles, especially before the age of 35, WTE aims to attract a younger audience by providing mentorship, connections, and networking opportunities. By establishing a collegiate chapter at the University of South Florida and expanding to other cities, WTE aims to equip the next generation of women with the necessary resources and support to thrive in the tech industry.

Looking Ahead:

WTE, which operates as a volunteer-run organization without membership fees, has received its first monetary and in-kind donations to support future programming. Raechel Canipe, a USF alum and Vice President of Marketing & Sales at RevStar, has personally financed many of the tech resources and educational programs for members. With plans to expand to Jacksonville and establish a collegiate chapter at USF, WTE is actively recruiting new members and seeking a chair for the St. Pete chapter.


Women in Tech & Entrepreneurship’s inaugural board of directors for 2024 represents a significant step toward empowering women in the tech industry and entrepreneurship. With a diverse group of leaders at the helm, WTE is well-positioned to provide mentorship, education, and a supportive community for women seeking to thrive in tech careers and business ventures. By addressing the gender imbalance and supporting the next generation, WTE is paving the way for a more balanced, inclusive, and prosperous future for ambitious women in the tech industry.

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