Wild West Social House and the Rise of Experiential Fashion Rentals

Wild West Social House and the Rise of Experiential Fashion Rentals

Max Feldmann and Kyle Julian Skye pioneer a new era of experiential fashion rentals with the opening of Wild West Social House in Los Angeles.

Experiential fashion retail has long been a staple in the industry, but Max Feldmann and Kyle Julian Skye are taking it to a new level with their venture, Wild West Social House. Combining elements of Soho House, Barneys New York, and Blockbuster, this physical rental business in Los Angeles offers a unique membership-based concept that goes beyond just borrowing clothes. With a focus on luxury experiences and curated fashion selections, Wild West Social House aims to bring back the joy of visiting a store, socializing with friends, and enjoying the process of finding the perfect outfit.

A Membership-Based Concept with a Social Twist

Wild West Social House, located in West Hollywood, offers a membership-based concept that caters to professional stylists, celebrities, and fashion lovers alike. With over 50 members already, the business has quickly gained traction since its opening in 2023. The membership tiers range from $299 to $999 per month, offering different levels of access to the curated fashion collection. Services such as delivery, pickup, and same-day tailoring are also included, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience for members. Additionally, the rooftop space provides a social element, allowing members to relax, hang out, and enjoy food and drinks from the neighboring Dialog Cafe.

A Curated Selection of Specialty Items

Both Max Feldmann and Kyle Julian Skye have an eye for curation, sourcing specialty items from around the world. The fashion collection at Wild West Social House is not only available for rental but also for purchase. The selection includes unique pieces like a silk embroidered “Life is Pain” top from Alexander McQueen’s fall 1996 “Dante” collection and a ’70s “Punk Gang” muslin shirt by Vivienne Westwood. By offering a mix of vintage and contemporary pieces, Wild West Social House ensures that members have access to a diverse range of styles and fashion eras.

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The Future of Fashion Rental: An App for Convenience

To enhance the rental experience, Wild West Social House plans to launch an app that allows members to track their rentals, browse new arrivals, and order services. The app will streamline the process by providing personalized recommendations based on members’ sizes and preferences. This innovative approach to fashion rental aims to make the selection process more efficient and enjoyable by eliminating the need to sift through thousands of pieces. With the app, members can easily find items that fit their specific needs and style.

Janet Mandell and the Art of Vintage and Eveningwear

Janet Mandell, a prominent player in the fashion rental industry, focuses on vintage and eveningwear. With showrooms in Chicago, L.A., and New York, Mandell has built a reputation for offering high-end pieces from brands like Chanel and Oscar de la Renta. While her Chicago clientele leans towards conservative looks, her L.A. showroom caters to a more daring and skin-baring aesthetic. Mandell’s business has thrived in the era of COVID-19, as clients seek to make a statement and glam up for special occasions. She plans to expand her business to Miami and Dallas in the coming years, with an eventual exit plan of selling to a conglomerate fashion house.

Lidow Archive: Where Fantasy Meets Vintage

Haile Lidow, the founder of Lidow Archive, has a passion for vintage fashion that transcends designer names. With a showroom in the hills of Los Feliz, Lidow Archive has become a go-to destination for unique finds, worn by the likes of Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Miley Cyrus. Lidow’s collection ranges from kooky and eccentric pieces to timeless classics. Her latest obsession is 1970s three-piece suits, reflecting her love for suits and matching sets. Lidow Archive offers rentals starting at $40, with a minimum rental fee per pull. Lidow’s goal is to cater to individuals who want to make a statement at events without the need to purchase an outfit they will only wear once.

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The rise of experiential fashion rentals, exemplified by ventures like Wild West Social House, Janet Mandell, and Lidow Archive, is reshaping the way people approach fashion. These businesses offer more than just clothes to borrow; they provide curated experiences, personalized services, and a sense of community. As the fashion industry continues to evolve, the concept of experiential fashion rentals is likely to grow, providing consumers with a sustainable and exciting alternative to traditional retail.