Growing Frustration as Sinkhole Threatens Safety in Philadelphia Neighborhood

Residents of Port Richmond express concern as sinkhole continues to expand, posing a danger to pedestrians and motorists.

Frustration is mounting in Philadelphia’s Port Richmond neighborhood as a large sinkhole has opened up on the 3200 block of Almond Street. The sinkhole has become a hazardous situation, with drivers ignoring posted barriers and some even driving into the sinkhole. Neighbors are growing increasingly concerned for the safety of pedestrians, particularly children who may be at risk of falling into the sinkhole.

Ignored Barriers and Swallowed Cars

Despite barricades being placed near the intersection of Almond and Allegheny, drivers have been disregarding the warnings and driving around them. On Friday, several cars were partially swallowed by the sinkhole, requiring the assistance of a tow truck to remove them. Local resident Brian Hessa reported at least three cars falling victim to the sinkhole, with one car even ripping its gas tank. The situation has escalated to the point where additional barricades have been placed directly in front of the sinkhole, creating potential danger.

Safety Concerns for Pedestrians

Residents of Port Richmond are deeply concerned about the safety of pedestrians, especially children who may unknowingly approach the sinkhole. Kareem Sims, a concerned neighbor, highlighted the potential danger, stating, “The kids when they cross the street, or just playing around, they’re going to probably fall in.” John Tanczak, another resident, expressed his worry about the sinkhole’s proximity to the sidewalk, as cars continue to drive onto the sidewalk to avoid the barricades. This poses a significant risk to pedestrians and exacerbates the already dangerous situation.

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Lack of Timely Action from Authorities

Residents have contacted the city authorities regarding the sinkhole, but they have not received a clear timeline for when the issue will be resolved. Tanczak mentioned that several sinkholes have opened up on the same block over the past few years, indicating a recurring problem. Despite the potential risks to both residents and their vehicles, the lack of a prompt response from the city has left residents frustrated and anxious for a solution.

Seeking Answers from City Departments

CBS News Philadelphia reached out to the Streets Department for clarification on the situation. However, they were informed that the sinkhole was not listed in the system, and an investigation would be conducted. Additionally, attempts to contact the water department for further information are still pending, leaving residents uncertain about the cause and potential resolution of the sinkhole issue.


The growing sinkhole in Philadelphia’s Port Richmond neighborhood has become a cause for alarm, as drivers continue to disregard posted barriers and the safety of pedestrians is compromised. The lack of timely action from city authorities has only heightened residents’ frustration and concern for their safety. As the investigation into the sinkhole continues, residents hope for a swift resolution to mitigate the risks and restore normalcy to their neighborhood.