Homeless Couple Forced to Leave Storage Unit After Viral Video

Homeless Couple Forced to Leave Storage Unit After Viral Video

Philadelphia couple facing homelessness asked to vacate storage unit after video documenting their living conditions goes viral

A Philadelphia couple struggling with homelessness recently found themselves in a precarious situation when their video documenting their life in a storage container went viral on social media. Leland Brown and his girlfriend, Breanna Hubbard, had been using the storage unit as a makeshift shelter during the winter months. However, after the storage facility discovered the video, the couple was asked to leave, citing a violation of their lease agreement. This turn of events has left the couple with the daunting task of finding alternative housing before the end of the month.

A Desperate Living Situation

Brown and Hubbard have been grappling with homelessness for the past year and a half, resorting to living in a tent in the woods. Their decision to seek refuge in a storage container came as a result of the harsh winter weather. However, their already difficult circumstances took a turn for the worse when their video gained widespread attention.

Violation of Lease Agreement

Upon discovering the video, management at the storage facility cited a breach of the lease agreement as grounds for asking the couple to vacate the premises. Brown acknowledged that they were aware of the terms and conditions, which explicitly stated that living in the storage unit could result in its loss. Despite their understanding, the couple expressed disappointment at having to leave, as the storage unit had provided them with a modicum of stability during their homelessness.

Temporary Respite and Lingering Uncertainty

Following their eviction from the storage unit, Brown and Hubbard were fortunate enough to receive temporary accommodation in a hotel, thanks to the assistance of a woman dedicated to helping individuals experiencing homelessness. However, this respite was short-lived, and the couple now finds themselves back at square one with limited options and time.

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The recent snowstorm has further complicated their situation, as their tent was damaged, rendering it uninhabitable. With their makeshift home destroyed and dwindling alternatives, Brown and Hubbard face an uncertain future.

The Unknown Road Ahead

Hubbard expressed uncertainty about what lies ahead for the couple, acknowledging the stress and anxiety that comes with their current predicament. Brown echoed her sentiments, highlighting the lack of clarity regarding their immediate future. With no concrete plans in place, the couple is left to grapple with the daunting task of finding stable housing within a short timeframe.


The story of Leland Brown and Breanna Hubbard sheds light on the harsh realities faced by many individuals experiencing homelessness. Their video, which garnered millions of views, brought attention to their struggles but also led to their eviction from the storage unit they had been using as a temporary shelter. As they navigate an uncertain path forward, their story serves as a reminder of the urgent need for comprehensive solutions to address homelessness and provide support for those in need.