Homeowner Lights Up House in Philadelphia Eagles Green to Honor 2-Year-Old Who Drowned to Death

Homeowner Lights Up House in Philadelphia Eagles Green to Honor 2-Year-Old Who Drowned to Death

A Broomall homeowner transforms his house into a Philadelphia Eagles-themed spectacle to pay tribute to his late nephew and bring joy to his community.

In the midst of the holiday season, where houses are adorned with twinkling lights and festive decorations, one home in Broomall, Pennsylvania, stands out from the rest. The house, bathed in vibrant Philadelphia Eagles green, is not only a display of team spirit but also a heartfelt tribute to a young life lost too soon. Steve Reynolds, the homeowner, has dedicated countless hours to transforming his property into a mini Lincoln Financial Field, complete with a painted gridiron and larger-than-life figures of Eagles players and mascot Swoop. This remarkable display serves as a beacon of hope and remembrance, honoring Reynolds’ two-year-old nephew who tragically drowned earlier this year.

A Labor of Love

Reynolds’ dedication to his Eagles-themed light display goes beyond mere fandom. He spent 14 hours meticulously stringing lights, painting the gridiron, and crafting the intricate details that make the scene come alive. This passion for detail stems from a previous display he created in 2017 when the Eagles won the Super Bowl. Now, with a new home and a new purpose, Reynolds sought to honor his late nephew, Luciano, and bring joy to his community during the holiday season.

Luciano’s Light

The tragic loss of Luciano deeply impacted Reynolds’ family, leading them to establish the “Luciano’s Light” foundation. This organization aims to raise awareness about water safety and prevent future tragedies like Luciano’s drowning accident. Reynolds saw the Eagles-themed light display as an opportunity to not only honor his nephew’s memory but also raise awareness for the foundation. The community rallied around Reynolds and his family during their time of grief, and this display serves as a way to give back and express gratitude for the support they received.

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A Symbol of Resilience

As the Eagles gear up for a crucial game against the Dallas Cowboys, Reynolds and his family hope for a victory that will bring joy to their community. The display stands as a symbol of resilience, both for the team and for the Reynolds family. Reynolds expresses his unwavering trust in the Eagles, believing that their determination and spirit will carry them to success.


The Philadelphia Eagles-themed light display in Broomall is more than just a festive spectacle. It is a labor of love, a tribute to a young life lost, and a symbol of resilience. Steve Reynolds’ dedication to honoring his nephew’s memory and raising awareness for water safety through the “Luciano’s Light” foundation is both inspiring and heartwarming. As the community gathers around this remarkable display, it serves as a reminder of the power of unity and support during times of tragedy. And as the Eagles take the field, Reynolds and his family hope for a win that will bring joy to their community and continue to shed light on the importance of water safety.