Local Restaurant Owner Gives Back on Thanksgiving with Free Meals for Neighbors in Need

Local Restaurant Owner Gives Back on Thanksgiving with Free Meals for Neighbors in Need

Relish owner Jamie Campbell closes his hot dog stand to provide gourmet meals to those less fortunate in Delaware County.

On Thanksgiving Day, while many people were enjoying a holiday feast with family and friends, Jamie Campbell, the owner of Relish in Delaware County, decided to close his hot dog stand and give back to his community. Campbell and his dedicated staff spent the day providing free gourmet meals to neighbors in need. This act of kindness not only provided a warm and delicious meal for those who couldn’t afford one, but it also highlighted the spirit of generosity and compassion that can be found in the local community.

A Fast Food Stand with a Big Heart

Relish, known for its fast food offerings such as hot dogs, cheeseburgers, and cheesesteaks, is not typically associated with gourmet cuisine. However, on Thanksgiving Day, Campbell transformed his restaurant into a haven of generosity and warmth. Recognizing that not everyone has the means to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal, Campbell decided to provide a place for those less fortunate to gather and enjoy a delicious feast.

A Day of Giving Back

For Campbell, Thanksgiving was not just a holiday; it was an opportunity to give back to his community. He expressed his gratitude for his employees, who volunteered their time to help serve the meals to those in need. Their dedication and selflessness were evident, and Campbell was proud to have such a compassionate team by his side.

Joining Forces for a Good Cause

To make this act of kindness possible, Campbell enlisted the help of Mike Capozzoli from Capozzoli Catering. Capozzoli, who had previously worked with another foundation to provide Thanksgiving meals, immediately agreed to collaborate with Campbell on this initiative. Together, they ensured that the community would have a place to gather and enjoy a warm meal during the holiday season.

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Spreading the Word and Touching Lives

Campbell took to social media to spread the word about the free meal giveaway. The response was overwhelming, with many individuals expressing their gratitude for this act of kindness. One recipient, Amanda Norton, shared her appreciation, explaining that she and her significant other were currently living in a motel and struggling to make ends meet. The free meal from Relish meant the world to her during these challenging times.


Jamie Campbell’s decision to close his restaurant on Thanksgiving Day and provide free gourmet meals to his neighbors in need exemplifies the true meaning of community and compassion. His act of kindness not only provided nourishment for the body but also brought warmth and hope to those who may be struggling during the holiday season. This selfless act serves as a reminder that even small gestures can have a significant impact on the lives of others. As Campbell plans an annual community day for the spring, it is clear that his dedication to giving back will continue to touch the lives of many in his community.

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