Pennsylvania Governor Condemns Antisemitism and University President’s Remarks

Pennsylvania Governor Condemns Antisemitism and University President's Remarks

Governor Josh Shapiro denounces antisemitic protest and criticizes University of Pennsylvania president’s response to calls for genocide

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro visited Goldie, a Jewish-owned restaurant in Philadelphia, following a pro-Palestinian protest that he called a “blatant act of antisemitism.” During his visit, Governor Shapiro condemned the protest and expressed his support for the restaurant. He also took the opportunity to criticize University of Pennsylvania president Liz Magill’s remarks during a congressional hearing on antisemitism. This article explores the governor’s visit, his condemnation of antisemitism, and his concerns regarding the university president’s response.

Governor Shapiro Stands Against Antisemitism

Governor Shapiro strongly condemned the recent pro-Palestinian protest outside Goldie, stating that it was not a peaceful demonstration but an act of antisemitism. He emphasized the importance of standing up against hate and antisemitism in all forms and called for unity among the people of Philadelphia to support businesses like Goldie.

Criticism of University President’s Remarks

During his visit to Goldie, Governor Shapiro criticized University of Pennsylvania president Liz Magill’s response to questions about calls for the genocide of Jewish people on college campuses. He described her comments as “absolutely shameful” and expressed his disappointment in her failure to condemn genocide unequivocally. Shapiro highlighted the importance of university leaders taking a strong stance against antisemitism.

Protests and Boycotts of Jewish-Owned Businesses

The governor also expressed concern about the calls for boycotts of Jewish-owned businesses in Philadelphia, stating that such actions harken back to the dark times of 1930s Germany. He emphasized that while protesting is a right that should be protected, it is unfair to hold Jewish-owned businesses responsible for the actions of the Israeli government.

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Failure of Leadership at the University of Pennsylvania

Governor Shapiro criticized the University of Pennsylvania’s leadership, stating that they have failed to take concrete action to ensure the safety of all students on campus. He specifically mentioned the Palestine Writes Literature Festival held on campus in September and the lack of action taken since then. Shapiro called on the university’s board of directors to assess whether President Magill’s comments align with the institution’s values.

Antisemitism and Accusations of Genocide

The article also highlights the accusations of genocide made by protesters against the Israeli government during the Israel-Hamas War. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has spoken out against these accusations, stating that they do not meet the legal threshold for genocide. The article provides background information on the term genocide and the ADL’s stance.


Governor Josh Shapiro’s visit to Goldie and his condemnation of antisemitism demonstrate his commitment to combating hate and prejudice. His criticism of University of Pennsylvania president Liz Magill’s response to calls for genocide highlights the importance of strong leadership in addressing antisemitism on college campuses. The article raises questions about the university’s actions and the need for concrete measures to ensure the safety of all students. As the conversation around antisemitism continues, it is crucial for leaders to take a firm stand against hatred and discrimination.