Thousands of Customers Without Power Across Philadelphia Region Due to Storm

Thousands of Customers Without Power Across Philadelphia Region Due to Storm

Powerful Storm System Causes Widespread Power Outages and Disruption in Philadelphia

A powerful storm system swept through the Philadelphia region, unleashing heavy rain, thunderstorms, and high winds. The storm, which hit on Tuesday and continued into Wednesday, resulted in widespread power outages, disrupted travel plans, and forced some schools to open late. As the storm moved out overnight, the focus now shifts to the aftermath and the efforts to restore power to thousands of affected customers.

PECO: Pennsylvania’s Largest Electric and Natural Gas Utility

PECO, the largest electric and natural gas utility in Pennsylvania, serves nearly 1.7 million people in southeastern Pennsylvania. Currently, there are 1,453 active outages, impacting 90,990 customers. The hardest-hit areas include Chester County, with 52,551 customers without power, and Delaware County, where approximately 20,000 people are affected.

Atlantic City Electric: Power Outages in South Jersey

South Jersey is also grappling with power outages caused by the storm. Atlantic City Electric reports a total of 1,125 outages, affecting around 30,000 customers. Gloucester County is particularly affected, with over 13,000 customers without power. Crews are working diligently to restore electricity to these areas.

PSE&G: Major Rainstorm Affects Electric and Gas Services

PSE&G, one of the largest electric and gas companies in the United States, is facing the consequences of the severe rainstorm. The company has reported 617 outages, impacting over 27,000 customers. The majority of these outages, around 14,000, are concentrated in Camden and Burlington Counties. PSE&G crews are actively working to repair the damage and restore power to affected customers.

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Delmarva: Power Outages in Delaware and Maryland

Delmarva, responsible for providing electric and gas services to residents in Delaware and Maryland, is currently dealing with 589 outages. Approximately 20,000 customers are affected by the storm, with over 12,000 of those in New Castle County. Restoration efforts are underway to bring back power to these areas as quickly as possible.

PPL Electric Utilities: Limited Impact in Central and Eastern Pennsylvania

PPL Electric Utilities, serving central and eastern Pennsylvania, reports over 15,000 total outages. However, only a few of these outages are in the Philadelphia region. The focus remains on the areas with the highest concentration of power outages, where crews are working tirelessly to restore electricity.


The recent storm in the Philadelphia region has caused significant power outages, impacting thousands of customers across various utility companies. PECO, Atlantic City Electric, PSE&G, Delmarva, and PPL Electric Utilities are all working diligently to restore power to affected areas. As the recovery efforts continue, it is crucial for residents to stay informed and take necessary precautions during this challenging time.