Zach Ertz’s Potential Return to the Philadelphia Eagles

Zach Ertz's Potential Return to the Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles Express Interest in Reuniting with Veteran Tight End

After being released by the Arizona Cardinals and clearing waivers, Zach Ertz, the veteran tight end, is now available to sign with any team. While Ertz will be looking to join a contender, there is a chance for him to return to the Philadelphia Eagles, as reported by former teammate and current CBS Sports NFL analyst JJ Watt. The Eagles, who are also interested in a reunion, have a young star in Dallas Goedert but could benefit from Ertz’s experience and skillset.

The Potential Reunion between Ertz and Goedert

Ertz and Goedert spent four seasons together in Philadelphia, with Goedert being seen as the heir apparent to Ertz. Goedert has emerged as one of the top tight ends in the NFL, ranking seventh in receiving yards since the start of last season. However, he could use a reliable No. 2 tight end to provide support. The rest of the Eagles’ tight ends have minimal production, making Ertz’s return an appealing option for the team.

Ertz’s Legacy in Philadelphia

During his nine seasons with the Eagles, Ertz established himself as a key player in the franchise’s history. He currently sits just 10 catches behind Hall of Famer Harold Carmichael as the team’s all-time reception leader. Ertz also ranks fifth in receiving yards among all Eagles players, and second among tight ends. His accomplishments include holding the NFL record for receptions in a season by a tight end and catching the game-winning touchdown pass in Super Bowl LII.

Goedert’s Return and Ertz’s Role

While the Eagles could benefit from Ertz’s presence, Goedert is also close to returning from a broken forearm. Although he is doubtful for the upcoming game, Goedert expressed his readiness to play. With the potential return of both Goedert and Ertz, the Eagles would have a formidable tight end duo that could greatly enhance their offensive capabilities.

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The Importance of Ertz’s Experience

Aside from his on-field contributions, Ertz’s experience and leadership would be invaluable to the Eagles. As a seasoned veteran, he can provide guidance to younger players and contribute to the team’s overall cohesion. Ertz’s knowledge of the Eagles’ system and his rapport with quarterback Jalen Hurts would also be beneficial in maximizing the team’s offensive potential.


The possibility of Zach Ertz returning to the Philadelphia Eagles presents an intriguing scenario for both the player and the team. While Dallas Goedert has emerged as a top tight end, the addition of Ertz would provide the Eagles with a formidable duo. Ertz’s legacy in Philadelphia, coupled with his experience and leadership, make him an appealing option for a team looking to contend. As the Eagles weigh their options, the potential reunion between Ertz and his former team could prove to be a significant boost for both parties involved.