Biden’s Battle with Gravity: The Age Question and the Power of Memes

Biden's Battle with Gravity: The Age Question and the Power of Memes

The impact of viral videos and memes on public perception of President Biden’s age and ability to govern

In a world dominated by social media, viral videos and memes have the power to shape public opinion and influence political discourse. President Joe Biden, at the age of eighty-one, has become a frequent target of these online phenomena, with videos of his falls and stumbles gaining traction and fueling doubts about his fitness for office. This article explores the impact of these viral moments on public perception and examines the role of memes in shaping the narrative surrounding Biden’s age and ability to govern.

The Fallibility of Age

Loss of balance is a natural part of the aging process, and Biden’s occasional stumbles can be attributed to factors such as spinal arthritis and a foot injury. Despite receiving a clean bill of health from his physician, these incidents have garnered significant attention and raised concerns about his physical capabilities. However, it is crucial to distinguish between normal age-related issues and the ability to effectively lead a nation.

The Power of Memes

Memes have become a potent tool in shaping public opinion, and Biden’s age has become a central theme in right-wing memes. Conservative media figures have played a crucial role in solidifying the perception that Biden’s faculties are seriously diminished, even if they are not the originators of the memes themselves. The simplicity and black-and-white nature of right-wing memes make them effective in spreading a particular narrative.

Trump’s Memetic Persona

Former President Donald Trump, despite being only four years younger than Biden, has managed to avoid accusations of senility. Trump’s larger-than-life personality and confrontational style have seemingly shielded him from such criticisms. The ability to project strength and assertiveness has created a stark contrast to the perception of Biden’s age-related vulnerabilities.

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The Campaign in the Age of Memes

As the 2024 campaign approaches, the media landscape has shifted, with fewer Americans actively engaging with traditional news outlets. Social media platforms, particularly TikTok, have become significant sources of news for many, especially younger voters. The reliance on social media for news consumption means that memes and viral videos can shape public opinion and influence political discourse more than ever before.

The Left’s Attempt at Meme-ing Biden

While right-wing memes have dominated the narrative surrounding Biden’s age, the left has also attempted to counter this perception with humor. The emergence of the “Dark Brandon” meme, celebrating Biden as an all-powerful figure, was an attempt to challenge the notion of his feebleness. However, right-wing memes have proven to be more effective, as they tap into the simplicity of black-and-white thinking.


The power of viral videos and memes cannot be underestimated in shaping public perception. President Biden’s age has become a central focus, with doubts about his fitness for office gaining traction. While age-related concerns are valid, it is essential to separate normal aging issues from the ability to effectively govern. As the 2024 campaign unfolds, the influence of memes and social media on public opinion will continue to play a significant role, making it crucial for voters to critically evaluate the information they consume.