President Biden Denounces Trump’s Encouragement of Russian Aggression, Urges Support for Ukraine and Israel

President Biden criticizes former President Donald J. Trump for his remarks encouraging Russia to attack NATO allies, calling them dangerous and un-American.

President Joe Biden delivered a scathing rebuke of his predecessor, Donald J. Trump, on Tuesday, condemning his comments that appeared to encourage Russia to attack certain NATO allies. In a televised statement, President Biden described Trump’s remarks as “dumb,” “shameful,” “dangerous,” and “un-American.” He urged House Republicans to pass a $95 billion spending package aimed at providing security aid to Ukraine and Israel, emphasizing the importance of standing against President Vladimir V. Putin’s aggressive actions.

Biden Urges Support for Ukraine and Israel

President Biden highlighted the urgency of passing the $95 billion spending package, which had been approved by the Senate earlier that day on a bipartisan vote. He emphasized the need to counter the “vicious onslaught” of Russia against Ukraine and underlined the significance of the legislative debate in light of Trump’s remarks. The package aims to provide crucial security aid to Ukraine and Israel, two countries facing threats from Russia and other adversaries.

Denouncing Trump’s Remarks

Biden expressed his disbelief and concern over Trump’s comments, in which he sided with Moscow over European allies he deemed “delinquent.” The President called attention to the gravity of a former U.S. president making such statements, stating that the whole world had heard it. He condemned Trump’s alignment with a Russian dictator, asserting that no other president in American history had ever bowed down to such a leader. Biden unequivocally declared that he would never follow suit, emphasizing the danger, shame, and un-American nature of Trump’s stance.

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Trump’s Admiration for Putin and Criticism of NATO

Trump’s remarks at a recent campaign rally revealed his long-standing admiration for President Putin and his skepticism towards NATO and Ukraine. The former president boasted that he had warned NATO allies who did not meet their military spending commitments that he would not come to their defense if Russia attacked them. This statement effectively undermined Article 5 of NATO’s charter, which requires members to aid one another in the event of an external attack. Trump went further, stating that he would even encourage Russia to take action against these allies.

Biden’s Commitment to NATO and Allies

President Biden reaffirmed his commitment to NATO and emphasized the importance of maintaining strong alliances. He highlighted the significance of Article 5 and condemned any actions or statements that weakened the collective defense of NATO members. Biden stressed the need for unity among allies to counter global threats effectively, including Russia’s aggression. The President’s remarks aimed to reassure NATO allies and the international community that the United States would stand firmly with its partners.


President Biden’s forceful denouncement of former President Trump’s encouragement of Russian aggression has underscored the importance of supporting Ukraine and Israel in the face of growing threats. By urging House Republicans to pass the $95 billion spending package, Biden emphasizes the need to counter President Putin’s hostile actions. The President’s remarks also highlight his commitment to NATO and the collective defense of its members. As the international community watches closely, President Biden’s strong stance against Trump’s comments serves as a reminder of the United States’ dedication to its allies and its determination to uphold democratic values.

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