The Unwavering Loyalty of Trump’s Base in South Carolina

Meet the South Carolina voters who remain steadfast in their support for Donald Trump, despite controversies and challenges.

In the small town of Pawleys Island, South Carolina, Joy Rendulic found herself drawn to a small ice cream shop for sale. Little did she know that this visit would change the course of her life. Leaving behind her old life in Erie, Pennsylvania, Rendulic cashed in her 401(k) to purchase the shop and start a new chapter. Her decision was not only influenced by the charm of the town but also by her admiration for the then-governor, Nikki Haley, and her unwavering support for Donald Trump. Rendulic represents a significant portion of Trump’s base in South Carolina, voters who remain loyal to the former president, no matter what.

The Unshakeable Belief in Trump’s Divine Assignment

Rendulic’s faith in Trump goes beyond politics. She firmly believes that God has chosen him for the position of president. Despite the lack of evidence to support her claims of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election, Rendulic stands by her belief that Trump’s defeat was the result of cheating. When questioned about why God would allow this to happen, she simply states that “what happened is what happened” and confidently asserts that Trump will make a comeback.

Prioritizing Policy Over Personalities

Billy Pierce, a resident of Hartsville, South Carolina, shares Rendulic’s unwavering support for Trump. Pierce was drawn to Trump in 2016 because he wanted a non-career politician who would run the country like a company. Despite his criticisms of Trump’s toxic tone and divisive rhetoric, Pierce believes that Trump’s policies align with his own priorities. He sees Biden as unwilling to stand up to the Democratic left and longs for the pre-Covid economy that thrived under Trump’s administration.

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Sending a Message to Washington

Craig Thomas, a conservative living in Charleston, South Carolina, initially supported Trump in 2016 as a way to send a message to Washington. He wanted someone who would shake things up and challenge the status quo. However, Thomas has grown tired of the personal attacks and anger that have characterized Trump’s presidency. He now supports Nikki Haley as a candidate who can bring similar policy positions without the drama. For Thomas, it is essential to have a president who can serve as a role model for his children.

Trump as a Religion

Charleston, known for its rich history and affluent residents, is not immune to the influence of Trump. Mark Sanford, a former South Carolina governor and congressman, experienced firsthand the reach of the Trump Republican revolution. Sanford lost the Republican primary in 2018 due to his criticism of Trump’s fiscal policies and tone. He acknowledges that the GOP electorate has changed significantly, with Trump becoming a litmus test for loyalty to the system. Sanford describes Trump’s support as akin to a religion, an unwavering devotion that defies traditional political analysis.

Conclusion: South Carolina remains a stronghold of support for Donald Trump, with his base remaining steadfast despite controversies and challenges. Voters like Joy Rendulic, Billy Pierce, Craig Thomas, and others continue to prioritize policy over personalities, believing that Trump is the right person to lead the country. Whether it is their unwavering faith in Trump’s divine assignment or their desire to send a message to Washington, these voters remain committed to their chosen candidate. As the South Carolina GOP presidential primary approaches, Trump’s popularity in the state shows no signs of wavering.

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