California Business Owner Relocates to Texas Due to High Costs and Regulations

Jeffrey VonderHaar, owner of a medical equipment business, shares his reasons for leaving California and moving to Texas.

Jeffrey VonderHaar, the owner of a successful medical equipment business in Calabasas, California, has made the decision to relocate to Texas. In this exclusive interview with Business Insider, VonderHaar discusses the challenges he faced as a business owner in California, including high costs, burdensome regulations, and a deteriorating quality of life. He sheds light on his motivations for moving to Texas and shares his experiences with the welcoming community and business-friendly environment he has found there.

California’s Burdensome Rules and Regulations:

VonderHaar highlights the constant changes in rules and regulations in California as a major obstacle for businesses. He laments the never-ending taxes and the escalating cost of goods, such as insurance for his home. He argues that the state’s relentless pursuit of revenue often targets businesses, which ultimately stifles growth and hampers economic prosperity.

Deteriorating Quality of Life:

VonderHaar expresses concerns about the deteriorating quality of life in California, particularly in the greater Los Angeles area. He mentions the prevalence of homelessness and the government’s failure to address the issue effectively. He recounts incidents of crime, including attempted break-ins at his business, which have contributed to a sense of unease and insecurity. VonderHaar also highlights the heavy traffic and long commutes that impact both personal and professional life.

The Appeal of Texas:

VonderHaar explains that the decision to move to Texas was driven by a desire for a more business-friendly environment and a better quality of life for his family. He cites the lower cost of living, favorable tax policies, and a more welcoming business climate as key factors. VonderHaar shares his positive experiences with the community in Texas, where neighbors have reached out with warm gestures and a sense of camaraderie.

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The Benefits of the Move:

Despite the disruption to his business, VonderHaar believes that the move to Texas will ultimately yield greater rewards. He plans to maintain his California business while focusing on expanding in Texas. VonderHaar emphasizes that the decision was primarily motivated by the well-being of his family and the opportunity for a fresh start in a more favorable environment.


Jeffrey VonderHaar’s decision to relocate his medical equipment business from California to Texas sheds light on the challenges faced by businesses in California, including high costs, burdensome regulations, and a declining quality of life. His experiences highlight the appeal of Texas, with its business-friendly policies, lower cost of living, and strong sense of community. While VonderHaar acknowledges the positive memories and experiences he had in California, he believes that the move to Texas is a necessary step for the future success and well-being of his family and his business.