White Center Community Rallies Behind Full Tilt Ice Cream Owner Recovering from Heart Attack

Local business owner Justin Cline of Full Tilt Ice Cream in White Center, Washington, is fighting for his life after suffering a heart attack two weeks ago.

In the tight-knit community of White Center, Washington, Justin Cline, the beloved owner of Full Tilt Ice Cream, is battling for his life following a sudden heart attack. Cline, known as the “Ice Cream Man,” has been the face of this cherished business for the past 16 years, bringing joy to the community with his delicious frozen treats. Now, as Cline fights for his recovery in the ICU, his family, friends, and loyal customers are rallying together to support him and ensure the future of Full Tilt Ice Cream.

A Devastating Blow Leaves a Family in Turmoil

The news of Justin Cline’s heart attack has left his wife, Ann Magyar, devastated. Recounting the night of the incident, Magyar describes it as the worst night of her life. For the past two weeks, she has been by Cline’s side, anxiously awaiting his recovery. The heart attack has taken a toll on their family, with their children unable to speak to their father since the incident occurred.

Full Tilt Ice Cream: More Than Just a Business

Full Tilt Ice Cream is not just a local ice cream shop; it is a pillar of the White Center community. Known for its unique flavors and vibrant atmosphere, the business has played a significant role in the lives of its customers. Magyar emphasizes that Full Tilt Ice Cream is not only about providing delicious treats but also about taking care of their extended family in White Center.

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A Community United in Support

Recognizing the impact that Full Tilt Ice Cream and Justin Cline have had on the community, friends and supporters have come together to offer their assistance. Sarah Fox, a close friend of the family, spearheaded an online fundraiser to help Magyar and Cline during this challenging time. The fundraiser has already surpassed $20,000, a testament to the love and support pouring in from the community.

Fox highlights the integral role Full Tilt Ice Cream has played in White Center, providing a gathering place for working-class families and organizing community events. The outpouring of support for Cline and his family is a reflection of the deep-rooted connections they have fostered over the years.

The Business Continues Amidst Adversity

While Cline focuses on his recovery in the ICU, Magyar is grateful for the support they have received. She assures the community that Full Tilt Ice Cream will remain open during this difficult time, thanks to the extended family of employees and friends who have stepped up to help. Their dedication ensures that the business will continue to serve the community and maintain its role as a hub for connection and enjoyment.


The news of Justin Cline’s heart attack has sent shockwaves through the White Center community. However, it has also brought the community together in a powerful display of solidarity and support. Full Tilt Ice Cream and its beloved owner have left an indelible mark on the lives of their customers, making the outpouring of love and financial assistance unsurprising. As Justin Cline fights for his recovery, the community stands united, ready to lend a helping hand and ensure that Full Tilt Ice Cream remains a cherished institution in White Center.

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