How this 38-year-old’s burger business brings in $739,000 a year

How this 38-year-old's burger business brings in $739,000 a year

Meet Aly Lalani, the entrepreneur behind Build My Burgers, a successful custom-made burger restaurant in Orlando, Florida.

In the bustling city of Orlando, Florida, a 38-year-old entrepreneur named Aly Lalani has managed to build a thriving burger business that brings in an impressive $739,000 in annual revenue. Aly is the founder and CEO of Build My Burgers, a fast-casual restaurant that has captured the hearts and taste buds of locals and tourists alike. With its innovative approach to burgers and a commitment to quality, Build My Burgers has become a go-to destination for burger enthusiasts in the area.

A vision for a unique burger experience

When Aly first conceptualized Build My Burgers, he had a clear vision in mind – to create a burger joint that offered customers the freedom to customize their burgers to their exact preferences. He believed that by giving customers control over every aspect of their meal, he could create a truly unique and satisfying dining experience.

The secret sauce behind Build My Burgers’ success

One of the key factors that sets Build My Burgers apart from its competitors is its commitment to quality ingredients. Aly sources only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients for his burgers, ensuring that each bite is a flavorful and memorable experience. From the juicy Angus beef patties to the artisanal brioche buns and the array of toppings and sauces, every element of a Build My Burger is carefully selected to deliver a superior taste.

Embracing technology for a seamless ordering process

To enhance the customer experience, Aly has embraced technology in his restaurant. Build My Burgers has a user-friendly online ordering system that allows customers to customize their burgers and place their orders in advance. This not only saves time for customers but also streamlines the ordering process, allowing the restaurant to serve more customers efficiently.

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Building a loyal customer base through community engagement

Beyond its delicious burgers, Build My Burgers has also built a loyal customer base through its commitment to community engagement. Aly believes in giving back to the community that has supported his business, and regularly organizes fundraisers and events to support local charities and organizations. This not only fosters a sense of goodwill but also helps to create a strong bond between the restaurant and its customers.

Navigating challenges and adapting to the ever-changing market

Running a successful business is not without its challenges, and Aly has had to navigate his fair share of obstacles. From supply chain disruptions to changing consumer preferences, he understands the importance of staying agile and adapting to the ever-changing market. By constantly innovating and introducing new menu items and promotions, Build My Burgers has managed to stay ahead of the curve and maintain its position as a leader in the industry.

Expanding the Build My Burgers brand

With the success of his flagship restaurant, Aly has set his sights on expanding the Build My Burgers brand. He plans to open additional locations in different cities, bringing his unique burger experience to a wider audience. Through careful planning and strategic partnerships, Aly aims to replicate the success of his Orlando restaurant and establish Build My Burgers as a household name in the fast-casual dining scene.


Aly Lalani’s journey from a simple burger enthusiast to the founder and CEO of Build My Burgers is a testament to the power of vision, quality, and community engagement. By offering customers the freedom to customize their burgers, sourcing the finest ingredients, embracing technology, and giving back to the community, Aly has created a winning formula for success. As he continues to expand his brand, it is clear that Aly’s passion for burgers and commitment to excellence will continue to drive the success of Build My Burgers for years to come.

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