Crumple-Recoverable Electronics: Taking Inspiration from Nature to Create Flexible and Durable Devices

Crumple-Recoverable Electronics: Taking Inspiration from Nature to Create Flexible and Durable Devices

Researchers in South Korea develop a groundbreaking design for crumple-recoverable electronics, inspired by the wing-unfolding mechanism of butterflies.

In a world where foldable phones and compressible devices have become increasingly popular, a team of researchers at Ajou University and other institutes in South Korea have introduced a revolutionary design for crumple-recoverable electronics. These innovative devices can recover their original shape after being crumpled or compressed onto themselves, thanks to a design inspired by the wing-unfolding mechanism of butterflies. The researchers believe that by mimicking the resilience of natural systems, they can create flexible and durable electronic devices that will improve people’s daily lives.

Drawing Inspiration from Nature

Before a butterfly emerges from its cocoon, its wings are folded and crumpled onto themselves. Inside the cocoon, the wings are wet with a biological fluid that prevents them from being damaged while still in their folded state. As the butterfly emerges, the fluid evaporates, allowing the wings to slowly unfold and eliminate the wrinkles they exhibited while folded.

The researchers set out to create a design for electronics that mimics this natural wing-unfolding mechanism. They developed a composite material with variable stiffness, allowing the devices to fold without permanent damage. By applying heat to the material through silver nanowires, it becomes rigid, enabling the electronics to unfold and regain their original, flat shape without any permanent wrinkles or damage.

Advantages of the Design

The unique design introduced by the research team offers several advantages. Users can easily modulate the stiffness of the devices based on their needs. Additionally, the devices can return to their original shape and functionality after being crumpled, a property inspired by nature. The researchers have demonstrated their design by creating a touch panel display that can be crumpled into a tiny capsule and then unfolded into a smooth and flat surface capable of detecting touch.

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Applications and Future Developments

The crumple-recoverable electronics design holds immense potential for various applications. It can aid in the development of shape-changing robots, adaptable wearable electronics, and compressible displays. Furthermore, the design could be used to create self-healing materials for advanced medical and engineering applications.

The researchers are currently working on integrating a light-emitting layer and touch panels into their design, aiming to create a display that can be rapidly folded and stored in small spaces without forming wrinkles or compromising its capabilities. They are also exploring the development of their technology for use in various modules needed for foldable phones, aligning with the evolving needs of modern electronics.


The development of crumple-recoverable electronics marks a significant milestone in the field of electronics engineering. By taking inspiration from nature, researchers have created a design that combines the resilience of natural systems with the precision of modern technology. These flexible and durable electronic devices have the potential to revolutionize wearable technology, robotics, and various other fields requiring interaction with the human body. As the researchers continue to refine their design and explore new applications, the future looks promising for customizable shape-changing electronic devices that can withstand repeated crumpling and unfolding without losing functionality.