Crumple-Recoverable Electronics: Taking Inspiration from Nature to Create Flexible and Durable Devices

Crumple-Recoverable Electronics: Taking Inspiration from Nature to Create Flexible and Durable Devices

Researchers in South Korea develop a groundbreaking design for crumple-recoverable electronics, taking inspiration from the wing-unfolding mechanism of butterflies.

In a world where electronic devices are becoming increasingly flexible and foldable, researchers at Ajou University and other institutes in South Korea have introduced a revolutionary design for crumple-recoverable electronics. These electronics have the remarkable ability to recover their original shape after being crumpled or compressed, thanks to a design inspired by the wing-unfolding mechanism of butterflies. This breakthrough, outlined in a paper published in Nature Electronics, holds the potential to transform the field of electronics and pave the way for customizable shape-changing devices with enhanced durability.

The Wings of Inspiration:

Before a butterfly emerges from its cocoon, its wings are folded and crumpled onto themselves. Inside the cocoon, the wings are wet with a biological fluid that prevents them from being damaged while still in their crumpled state. As the butterfly emerges, the fluid evaporates, allowing the wings to slowly unfold and smoothen out, eliminating the wrinkles formed during folding. Taking cues from this natural process, the researchers sought to develop a composite material that mimics the wing-unfolding mechanism.

The Design:

The researchers created a composite material with variable stiffness, allowing them to control the hardness and softness without the need for additional substances. This material, which integrates silver nanowires, a shape memory polymer (SMP), and an elastomer, acts as the core of the crumple-recoverable electronics. The silver nanowires serve as both conductive elements and mechanical sensors, while the SMP undergoes a phase change through Joule heating, triggered by an electric current. This transformation allows the electronics to unfold and regain their original shape without any permanent damage or wrinkles.

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Unfolding the Potential:

The unique design of the crumple-recoverable electronics offers several advantages. Notably, it allows users to modulate the stiffness of devices according to their needs. The devices can return to their original shape and functionality after being crumpled, blending the resilience of natural systems with the precision of modern technology. The researchers have already demonstrated the design’s capabilities by creating a touch panel display that can be crumpled into a tiny capsule and then unfolded, becoming a smooth and flat surface capable of detecting touch.

Applications and Future Developments:

The applications of the crumple-recoverable electronics are vast and promising. The design could aid in the development of shape-changing robots, adaptable wearable electronics, and compressible displays. Furthermore, it holds potential for creating self-healing materials for advanced medical and engineering applications. The researchers are currently working on integrating a light-emitting layer and touch panels into their design, aiming to create a display that can be rapidly folded and stored in small spaces, offering practical convenience aligned with the evolving needs of modern electronics.


The development of crumple-recoverable electronics inspired by the wing-unfolding mechanism of butterflies marks a significant milestone in the field of electronics. By harnessing the resilience of nature and combining it with innovative engineering, researchers have opened up new possibilities for flexible and durable devices. The ability to recover their original shape after being crumpled makes these electronics highly adaptable and suitable for various applications, from wearable technology to robotics. As the research progresses, the potential for customizable shape-changing electronic devices and self-healing materials becomes increasingly tangible, promising a future where electronics seamlessly adapt to the needs of individuals and industries alike.

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