Infinidat Partners with Arrow Electronics for Manufacturing of InfiniBox Storage Arrays

Infinidat Partners with Arrow Electronics for Manufacturing of InfiniBox Storage Arrays

Collaboration with Arrow Electronics enables Infinidat to enhance production capabilities and meet global customer demand

Infinidat, a leading provider of data storage solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Arrow Electronics for the manufacturing of its flagship InfiniBox-based storage arrays. This collaboration will enable Infinidat to leverage Arrow’s global product manufacturing services and supply chain capabilities, allowing the company to expand its production operations and respond faster to customer demand worldwide. The move comes as Infinidat aims to enhance its business and technical value proposition, offering enterprise customers cutting-edge storage resilience, consolidation, autonomous automation, and a compelling return on investment.

Expanding Production Capabilities:

Prior to this agreement, Infinidat had been working with a local contract manufacturing partner in Israel. However, the decision to transition to Arrow Electronics will provide Infinidat with a broader manufacturing footprint, including multiple manufacturing sites across two continents, with a particular focus on the United States. This geographical shift will bring Infinidat closer to its largest customer base and enable the company to optimize manufacturing activities to meet global customer demand more efficiently.

Benefits of Contract Manufacturing:

By partnering with Arrow Electronics, Infinidat can benefit from the expertise and scale of a specialist contract manufacturer. In-house manufacturing often requires significant working capital resources, management oversight, and supply chain overhead. In contrast, a contract manufacturer can leverage its established network of qualified global Electronics Manufacturing Services partners to achieve higher production volumes and lower costs. This arrangement allows Infinidat to allocate its working capital to other critical areas of its business while gaining access to Arrow’s full product manufacturing support.

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Navigating Supply Chain Challenges:

The ongoing pandemic has presented significant supply chain challenges across the IT industry. By aligning with Arrow Electronics, Infinidat can leverage the company’s global supply chain capabilities and expertise in navigating these complexities. With Arrow’s extensive network and resources, Infinidat can mitigate potential disruptions and ensure a seamless flow of components and finished products to its customers worldwide.

Insights from Infinidat CEO:

Infinidat CEO Phil Bullinger expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing the benefits it will bring to the company and its customers. Bullinger highlighted that the partnership with Arrow Electronics extends beyond manufacturing and fulfillment services, encompassing global commercial distribution. He believes that this collaboration will accelerate Infinidat’s ability to deliver compelling business and technical value to enterprise customers worldwide, enabling them to achieve storage consolidation, cyber storage resilience, autonomous automation, and a strong return on investment.

Anticipated Business Impact:

When asked about the anticipated savings resulting from this partnership, Bullinger stated that Infinidat expects an overall positive business impact driven by more efficient upstream supply chain management and global logistics. Leveraging Arrow’s broader scale and capabilities, Infinidat aims to realize cost efficiencies and enhance its growth trajectory in the market.


Infinidat’s decision to partner with Arrow Electronics for the manufacturing of its InfiniBox-based storage arrays marks a significant step in expanding its production capabilities and meeting global customer demand. By leveraging Arrow’s global product manufacturing services and supply chain expertise, Infinidat aims to optimize its operations, enhance efficiency, and deliver innovative and reliable storage solutions to the industry. This collaboration showcases the value of strategic partnerships in navigating supply chain challenges and driving business growth in a rapidly evolving market.

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