The Journey to Becoming a Full-Time Internet Creator: Ethan Tran’s Story

The Journey to Becoming a Full-Time Internet Creator: Ethan Tran's Story

How Ethan Tran (@Ethan.Uncurated) transformed his creative passion into a full-time career, defying convention and embracing the digital age.

In a world where the internet has become a breeding ground for fame and success, Ethan Tran, a 23-year-old creator from New York, has found his niche. With a degree in business and competing job offers at top ad agencies, Tran could have followed a conventional path to success. However, his decision to share his visually sticky, creatively contemplative videos on social media propelled him into the realm of full-time internet fame. This is the story of how Tran’s alternative path unfolded, showcasing the power of finding one’s voice, budgeting for excellence, deviating from “The Plan,” and embracing imperfection.

Starter Kit Investment 1: Finding your voice

Tran’s journey began in early 2022 when he started uploading videos to TikTok as a creative outlet after long days at his art department job. These videos showcased his green screen thoughts on various topics, from inspiring artists to videography tips. However, it was his “uncurated thoughts” videos, which featured him in different backdrops, accompanied by slam poetry-style musings about imposter syndrome, that truly resonated with his audience. Tran’s scrappy, self-taught techniques helped define his unique style, and when he started uploading these videos to Instagram Reels, his following skyrocketed from 20K to 200K in just a few months.

Starter Kit Investment 2: Budgeting for excellence

As a visual creative, Tran’s starter pack includes high-tech gadgets, stylistic accents, and tools that capture his unique aesthetic. From a green screen effect to a 26-megapixel mirrorless film camera, Tran invests in equipment that enhances his content creation process. Additionally, he emphasizes the importance of audio quality, investing in a wireless mic. While these purchases may seem daunting for a budding creator, Tran highlights the use of financial tools like My Chase Plan, which allows Chase cardmembers to pay for larger investments over time in equal monthly payments with no interest.

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Starter Kit Investment 3: Being unafraid to deviate from “The Plan”

Tran’s journey to full-time internet fame took an unexpected turn. After graduating with a business degree and working in the advertising industry, he found himself juggling long hours and his side hustle as a content creator. As his videos gained traction and brand partnership offers poured in, Tran made the bold decision to leave his job and pursue his passion full-time. While it may have seemed unconventional, Tran’s leap of faith aligned with his creative aspirations and opened up new opportunities for growth.

Starter Kit Investment 4: Making stuff, even if it’s bad

Tran embraces the pressure of artistic perfectionism in his videos, encouraging his audience to “make stuff, even if it’s bad.” As a content creator, he believes in the power of being prolific and allowing oneself to play around with ideas. Tran emphasizes that imperfection is acceptable in the realm of content creation, as it fosters authenticity and connection with the audience. By letting go of the need for perfection, creators can overcome creative blocks and produce more content that resonates with their followers.

Conclusion: Ethan Tran’s journey from a corporate job to full-time internet fame showcases the power of embracing one’s creative passion and taking calculated risks. By finding his voice, budgeting for excellence, deviating from “The Plan,” and embracing imperfection, Tran has carved out a unique path in the digital age. His story serves as an inspiration for aspiring creators, reminding them that success can be found by following their own path and staying true to their creative vision.

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