Long Island-based Electronics Company Revolutionizes Manufacturing with Production Solely in the U.S.

Long Island-based Electronics Company Revolutionizes Manufacturing with Production Solely in the U.S.

Orbic’s “Project Patriot” aims to bring electronic device manufacturing back to the United States, creating jobs and boosting local economy

In a groundbreaking move, Long Island-based electronics company Orbic is set to change the global landscape of electronic device manufacturing. With their ambitious project named “Project Patriot,” Orbic plans to shift their production from overseas to the United States, making them the first company in New York, and possibly the nation, to manufacture electronic devices from start to finish on American soil. This move not only aims to create jobs and boost the local economy, but also addresses concerns about quality control, supply chain security, and the reliance on foreign manufacturing.

A Shift in Manufacturing Paradigm

Currently, the majority of electronic devices, including smartphones, hotspots, and tablets, are manufactured in countries like China and India. However, Orbic’s CEO, Mike Narula, envisions a future where all these devices are proudly made in New York. By relocating their manufacturing operations from India and China to Long Island, Orbic is taking a bold step towards reshaping the industry.

Made-in-the-USA Effort

Starting in October, Orbic plans to produce 5 million devices annually in their Long Island plant, which currently focuses on warranty work. This move will create 500 new jobs, injecting much-needed employment opportunities into the local community. Orbic’s primary partner, Verizon, will be at the forefront of receiving these American-made devices.

The Value of Manufacturing in the U.S.

While the cost of labor in the U.S. may be higher compared to China, Narula believes that the benefits outweigh the costs. Manufacturing products in the U.S. allows for better quality control, improved supply chain management, and addresses growing security concerns. Additionally, keeping manufacturing within the country fosters a sense of national pride and promotes economic growth.

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Investment and Incentives

Orbic’s commitment to bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. comes with a significant investment of $30 million. To offset this cost, the company has secured property and sales tax breaks from the state of New York and the Suffolk Industrial Development Agency. These incentives not only support Orbic’s vision but also highlight the importance of retaining young talent within the advanced manufacturing sector.

Partnerships and Education

Orbic is not only focused on creating jobs but also on empowering the local community. The company is collaborating with Queensborough Community College to provide training programs for students interested in the upcoming manufacturing jobs. Additionally, Orbic sees potential in working with U.S. schools to replace the millions of Chromebooks and laptops currently made in China, offering an opportunity to support American education.


Orbic’s decision to bring electronic device manufacturing back to the United States marks a significant shift in the industry. By prioritizing quality, control, and supply chain security, the company is setting a new standard for the production of electronic devices. Through partnerships, job creation, and investment, Orbic is not only reshaping the manufacturing landscape but also contributing to the growth of the local economy. As the first of its kind in New York, Orbic’s “Project Patriot” is poised to inspire other companies to follow suit, ultimately benefiting both consumers and the nation as a whole.