Newegg Refreshed: Budget Retailer Expands into Refurbished Electronics Market

Newegg Refreshed: Budget Retailer Expands into Refurbished Electronics Market

Newegg’s new program offers professionally inspected and guaranteed refurbished gadgets at competitive prices.

Budget electronics retailer Newegg has recently launched a program called Newegg Refreshed, which aims to provide customers with top-quality refurbished gadgets at affordable prices. The company has partnered with industry-leading refurbishing partners to ensure that each item is professionally inspected, tested, and cleaned before being made available on their digital store shelves. With a focus on sustainability and reducing waste, Newegg’s move into the refurbished electronics market aligns with the larger industry push towards promoting environmental responsibility.

1: A Wide Range of Refurbished Products

Newegg Refreshed offers a diverse range of refurbished products across multiple categories. Customers can find refurbished Apple products such as iPhones and MacBooks, as well as GPUs, laptops, gaming desktops, monitors, smartphones, and tablets. By partnering with reputable refurbishing partners like CTS Warehouse and Back in the Box, Newegg ensures that customers have access to high-quality refurbished gadgets in various product categories.

2: Rigorous Inspection and Guarantee

Prioritizing customer satisfaction, Newegg ensures that each refurbished item goes through a thorough inspection, testing, and cleaning process. This meticulous approach ensures that customers receive products that meet their expectations. Additionally, Newegg provides a 90-day guarantee on all refurbished products, giving customers the peace of mind to make their purchase with confidence.

3: Graphics Card Trade-In Program Integration

Newegg’s popular graphics card trade-in program has been seamlessly integrated into the Newegg Refreshed service. Customers can trade in their old graphics cards for credit towards new ones and enjoy a 14-day window to test out the new GPU before returning the old one. These traded-in graphics cards will then be made available on Newegg Refreshed for resale, further expanding the range of refurbished products offered.

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4: Limited-Time Promotional Offer

To celebrate the launch of Newegg Refreshed, the company is offering customers a special promotion. Customers can enjoy a 15 percent discount (up to $150) on refurbished Apple products by using the “buy now, pay later” service Zip and applying the promo code “rezip.” This limited-time offer is valid until February 28 and provides an opportunity for customers to save on high-quality refurbished Apple devices.


Newegg’s expansion into the refurbished electronics market with Newegg Refreshed demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing customers with affordable options while promoting sustainability. By partnering with leading refurbishing partners and implementing rigorous inspection processes, Newegg ensures that customers can purchase refurbished gadgets with confidence. The integration of the graphics card trade-in program further enhances the range of products available. As the industry continues to focus on sustainability and the right to repair movement, Newegg’s entry into the refurbished electronics market is a timely and welcome addition.