Newegg Refreshed: Budget Retailer Launches Program for Refurbished Gadgets

Newegg Refreshed: Budget Retailer Launches Program for Refurbished Gadgets

Newegg’s New Program Offers Top Pre-Owned Products at Competitive Prices

Budget electronics retailer Newegg has recently introduced a new program called Newegg Refreshed, which aims to provide customers with refurbished gadgets at competitive prices. The program covers a wide range of product categories, including Apple devices, GPUs, laptops, gaming desktops, monitors, smartphones, and tablets. By partnering with industry-leading refurbishing partners, Newegg ensures that each item is professionally inspected, tested, and cleaned before being made available for sale. In addition, the company offers a guarantee on all refurbished products, giving customers 90 days to return the item if they are not satisfied.

1: A Wide Range of Refurbished Products

Newegg Refreshed offers customers a diverse selection of refurbished products, catering to various needs and preferences. From iPhones and MacBooks to GPUs and robot vacuums, the program encompasses a wide range of electronic devices. This allows customers to find high-quality pre-owned gadgets at affordable prices, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers.

2: Partnerships with Industry-Leading Refurbishing Partners

To ensure the quality of the refurbished products, Newegg has partnered with reputable refurbishing companies such as CTS Warehouse and Back in the Box. These partnerships enable Newegg to source its stock from trusted sources, guaranteeing that each item has undergone thorough inspection, testing, and cleaning processes. By collaborating with industry leaders, Newegg aims to provide customers with reliable and trustworthy refurbished products.

3: Guarantee and Return Policy

Newegg stands behind the quality of its refurbished products by offering a guarantee on all items sold through the Newegg Refreshed program. Customers have 90 days to return the product if they encounter any issues or are not satisfied with their purchase. This policy provides peace of mind to customers, knowing that they can trust the quality and functionality of the refurbished gadgets they buy from Newegg.

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4: Integration of Graphics Card Trade-In Program

Newegg has integrated its pre-existing graphics card trade-in program into the Newegg Refreshed service. This trade-in program allows customers to receive credit towards new GPUs by trading in their old ones. Customers have a 14-day window to test out the new GPU before mailing in the old one. The traded-in graphics cards are then made available on Newegg Refreshed for resale, providing customers with an opportunity to purchase high-performance GPUs at discounted prices.

5: Launch Promotion and Environmental Benefits

To celebrate the launch of the Newegg Refreshed program, Newegg is offering customers 15 percent off (up to $150) on refurbished Apple products. This promotion requires the use of the “buy now, pay later” service Zip and the promo code “rezip.” This limited-time offer highlights Newegg’s commitment to providing customers with cost-effective options for purchasing refurbished gadgets.

Newegg also emphasizes the environmental benefits of choosing refurbished products. By opting for refurbished gadgets, consumers contribute to waste reduction and support sustainability efforts. The Newegg Refreshed program aligns with the broader industry push towards sustainability, which includes the sale of refurbished items and the right to repair movement.


Newegg’s launch of the Newegg Refreshed program marks a significant step in providing customers with access to high-quality refurbished gadgets at competitive prices. Through partnerships with industry-leading refurbishing partners and a robust guarantee and return policy, Newegg aims to instill confidence in customers when purchasing pre-owned electronics. The integration of the graphics card trade-in program further enhances the value proposition of the Newegg Refreshed service. As consumers increasingly prioritize sustainability, Newegg’s commitment to offering refurbished products aligns with the industry’s push towards waste reduction and environmental responsibility.

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