Brock Purdy will headline Eagles-49ers rematch — but Philadelphia should be even more wary of something else

Brock Purdy will headline Eagles-49ers rematch — but Philadelphia should be even more wary of something else

The 49ers’ defensive line poses a significant threat to the Eagles in their rematch.

The long-awaited rematch between the San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles is finally here, reigniting the rivalry that began in last year’s NFC championship game. The 49ers, still haunted by their devastating quarterback injuries, are seeking redemption against the Eagles, who narrowly missed out on a Super Bowl victory. This game not only holds emotional significance for both teams but also serves as a crucial test of their playoff potential. While the focus has been on Brock Purdy’s return to the field, it’s the 49ers’ formidable defensive line that should worry the Eagles the most.

49ers’ endless DL investments will threaten Jalen Hurts, Eagles:

The 49ers’ offensive prowess, led by the impressive Brock Purdy, has been widely recognized. With a stacked lineup that includes Christian McCaffrey, Deebo Samuel, and George Kittle, they have consistently scored points and boast the league’s top-ranked offense. The Eagles’ defense, ranked 20th in points allowed, faces a formidable challenge in trying to contain the 49ers’ high-scoring attack. However, it’s the 49ers’ defensive line that poses an even greater threat to the Eagles.

San Francisco has invested heavily in bolstering their defensive line, acquiring talented players like Javon Hargrave, Randy Gregory, and Chase Young. These additions have elevated the 49ers’ pass-rush game to new heights, with Young and Bosa ranking among the top edge rushers in the league. The entire defensive line, including Arik Armstead and Javon Hargrave, has excelled in applying pressure and disrupting opposing offenses. Their sack percentage has significantly increased since the inclusion of Young, averaging five sacks per game. This relentless pass rush will undoubtedly pose a significant challenge for the Eagles’ offensive line.

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Do Eagles have firepower to withstand 49ers? Bettors weigh in:

While the Eagles’ offensive line, led by Landon Dickerson and Jason Kelce, ranks among the best in the league, they will face their toughest test yet against the 49ers’ dominant defensive line. The return of right tackle Lane Johnson will provide some relief, but it remains to be seen if the Eagles’ offensive firepower can withstand the relentless pressure from the 49ers. Jalen Hurts, the Eagles’ quarterback, acknowledges the challenge and recognizes the need to be prepared for the 49ers’ formidable defense.

The 49ers’ defensive prowess is evident in their ability to stifle scoring threats, allowing just 15.5 points per game compared to the 22.4 points allowed by the Eagles. This defensive strength, combined with the identical scoring output of both teams, has led to the odds favoring the 49ers as three-point favorites. However, the Eagles are no strangers to being underdogs and are determined to prove their resilience once again.


As the 49ers and Eagles face off in their long-awaited rematch, the focus has been primarily on the return of Brock Purdy and the offensive battle that awaits. However, it’s the 49ers’ dominant defensive line that poses the greatest threat to the Eagles’ chances of success. With a relentless pass rush and a knack for stifling scoring threats, the 49ers’ defensive line will test the resilience of the Eagles’ offensive line and quarterback Jalen Hurts. The outcome of this game will not only determine the winner of the rematch but also serve as a testament to the playoff potential of both teams.

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