Lindenwold Police Department’s Creative Promotion of Holiday Parade Captures Community’s Attention

Lindenwold Police Department's Creative Promotion of Holiday Parade Captures Community's Attention

The Grinch’s Elusive Presence Generates Excitement and Engagement in South Jersey Town

In a small town in South Jersey, the Lindenwold Police Department has captivated the community’s attention with their unique and creative promotion of the annual holiday parade. Over the past week, the department has been posting updates on Facebook, documenting sightings of none other than The Grinch himself. This whimsical approach has not only generated excitement for the parade but has also fostered a sense of community engagement and holiday spirit.

1: The Grinch’s Mischief Unleashed

From Wawa to the local park, The Grinch has been making his presence known in Lindenwold. The police department’s Facebook updates have included photos and videos of The Grinch spotted at various locations around town, cleverly hinting at his plans to disrupt the holiday parade. The department even requested assistance from the community, urging residents to report any sightings of the mischievous character.

2: A Quest for Coffee and Clues

In one particularly amusing incident, surveillance footage captured The Grinch attempting to abscond with the Holiday Blend coffee from a local Wawa. Lindenwold Police Department shared the video on Facebook, sparking laughter and intrigue among residents. This playful approach not only entertained the community but also served as a clever way to keep them engaged and invested in the ongoing saga.

3: Community Involvement and Excitement

As The Grinch continued to elude capture, the Lindenwold Police Department received an outpouring of support and tips from the community. Elementary school students, in particular, played an active role in providing valuable information to aid in the search. Parents expressed their gratitude for the department’s efforts, noting how their children eagerly followed every clue and update.

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4: The Grinch’s Capture and the Parade’s Success

After a week of suspense and anticipation, The Grinch was finally taken into custody on Friday night. The Lindenwold Police Department expressed their gratitude to the elementary school students whose tips led to the capture. The community rejoiced, and the holiday parade went ahead as planned, rain or shine. The presence of The Grinch added an unexpected twist to the event, reminding everyone of the true meaning of the holiday spirit.


The Lindenwold Police Department’s creative promotion of the town’s holiday parade has proven to be a resounding success. By incorporating The Grinch into their social media updates, they not only generated excitement and engagement but also fostered a sense of community involvement. Through this whimsical approach, the department reminded residents of the joy and camaraderie that the holiday season brings. As the parade unfolded, it became clear that the presence of The Grinch had only enhanced the event, leaving a lasting impression on all those in attendance.