Collingdale Residents Brace for Another Storm After Recent Flooding

Collingdale Residents Brace for Another Storm After Recent Flooding

Residents in Collingdale, Pennsylvania, are anxiously awaiting the arrival of another storm after severe flooding devastated their homes just weeks ago.

The residents of Florence Avenue in Collingdale are still recovering from the aftermath of a mid-December flood that left their homes damaged and their belongings destroyed. With the forecast predicting heavy rain and the potential for more flooding, residents are on high alert, worried about the possibility of further devastation. This article explores the experiences of residents, their concerns, and the preparations being made to mitigate the impact of the upcoming storm.

1: Lingering Trauma from Recent Flooding

Carolyn Hines, a resident of Florence Avenue, is one of many who lost cherished possessions and memories in the previous flood. She recently returned home after gas, electricity, and water services were restored. However, the looming threat of another flood has left her frightened and uncertain. Hines, like many others, is still grappling with the emotional toll of being displaced and the uncertainty of what the future holds.

2: Borough’s Efforts to Prevent Further Damage

In response to the previous flood, the borough of Collingdale has been proactive in inspecting storm drains for clogs and blockages. Officials are confident that Tuesday’s rainstorm will not have a significant impact on Florence Avenue. However, some residents, like Darryl Howell, are considering finding new homes to avoid the risk of future flooding. Howell’s children have been deeply affected by the displacement, and he is determined to protect his family from further trauma.

3: Jersey Shore Prepares for Severe Weather

While Collingdale residents brace for another storm, the Jersey Shore is also preparing for heavy rain, high winds, and potential beach erosion. Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small Sr. is mobilizing emergency crews to handle the threat of damaging winds, power outages, and flooding. The mayor emphasizes the importance of residents staying home and sheltering in place during the peak of the storm to ensure their safety.

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4: Concerns of Beach Erosion

Beach erosion is a significant concern for the Jersey Shore, particularly at New Jersey Avenue, which has already experienced significant damage this winter. Mayor Small acknowledges the recurring issue of beach erosion and emphasizes the need to replenish the beach to prepare for the upcoming season. The city’s website,, will provide real-time alerts and updates during and after the storm.

Conclusion: The residents of Collingdale and the Jersey Shore are bracing themselves for another round of severe weather. The trauma and devastation caused by the previous flood are still fresh in their minds, making the anticipation of another storm all the more challenging. While officials are taking measures to mitigate the impact, residents are left with difficult decisions to make about their future. As the storm approaches, the community remains resilient, relying on their strength and the support of their neighbors to weather the storm and rebuild once again.