Philadelphia Braces for Flooding and Damaging Winds as Storm Approaches

Philadelphia Braces for Flooding and Damaging Winds as Storm Approaches

A First Alert has been issued for the Philadelphia region as heavy rain and strong winds are expected to cause widespread flooding.

As neighborhoods in the Philadelphia region are just beginning to recover from the weekend’s snowstorm, another weather threat looms on the horizon. The NBC10 First Alert Weather Team has issued a warning for Tuesday and Wednesday, as heavy rain and damaging winds are predicted to sweep across the area. With the recent snowfall and mild temperatures, the combination of rain and melting snow could lead to significant flooding in many parts of the region. As residents prepare for the storm, concerns about flash flooding, power outages, and travel disruptions are on the rise.

1: The Potential Impact of Flooding Rains

On Monday, the weather is expected to be dry and pleasant, with temperatures in the 40s. However, on Tuesday, increased moisture and clouds will move into the region, causing temperatures to rise well into the 50s. This sets the stage for a storm system originating from the south, which will bring heavy rain instead of snow. The storm is anticipated to affect the entire region from Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday, with most areas receiving 2 to 4 inches of rain. Alongside the rainfall, damaging winds of up to 45 to 55 mph are expected, particularly along the coast. The NBC10 meteorologist, Marvin Gomez, expresses concern about flash flooding, urban flooding, and the potential for creeks, rivers, and streams to overflow.

2: Potential Disruptions and Preparations

The upcoming storm has the potential to disrupt travel at Philadelphia International Airport, with delays and cancellations expected. Additionally, power outages and downed trees are likely due to the strong winds. Coastal flooding is also a concern, as the combination of heavy rain and high tides could lead to significant flooding in coastal areas. To mitigate the impact of the storm, Governor Phil Murphy has declared a State of Emergency for New Jersey, allowing all 21 counties to receive necessary resources. Residents are urged to follow safety protocols and stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary.

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3: Safety Tips for Before, During, and After the Storm

In preparation for the storm, it is important to plan ahead and take necessary precautions. Some tips to stay safe include:

– Stay at least 30 feet away from downed power lines, as they should always be considered live.
– Avoid driving through large pools of water, as downed power lines could be hidden beneath the surface.
– Do not run gasoline-powered generators in enclosed spaces to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.
– If you rely on life-sustaining medical equipment, notify your local electric company, police, and fire department.
– During the storm, unplug electrical appliances, shut off gas supply valves, and avoid basements with standing water or electric hazards.


As the Philadelphia region braces for another storm, the threat of flooding and damaging winds looms large. With the potential for widespread flooding and power outages, residents are urged to take necessary precautions and stay informed through local news sources. By following safety protocols and planning ahead, individuals can minimize the impact of the storm and ensure their well-being during and after the event. As the storm passes, the region will begin the process of recovery, with hopes of clearer skies and a return to normalcy.