Residents Brace for Severe Storms Following Recent Flooding

Residents Brace for Severe Storms Following Recent Flooding

Collingdale and Jersey Shore residents prepare for heavy rain, high winds, and potential flooding

Residents of Collingdale, Pennsylvania, are still recovering from severe flooding that occurred less than a month ago. Now, they find themselves anxiously awaiting Tuesday’s storm, which is predicted to bring heavy rain and potential flooding. The memories of the damage caused by the previous flood are still fresh, leaving many residents on edge. Meanwhile, at the Jersey Shore, officials and residents are also preparing for the incoming storm, bracing for high winds, beach erosion, and other potential hazards. In this article, we will explore the concerns of residents in both Collingdale and the Jersey Shore as they prepare for the upcoming severe weather.

Collingdale Residents Grapple with Lingering Fear

Carolyn Hines, a resident of Florence Avenue in Collingdale, is one of many who recently returned home after the devastating flood in mid-December. Hines lost cherished possessions and memories when her basement flooded, leaving her with a lingering sense of fear and vulnerability. Despite the crumbling walls and the scent of mold, she decided to return home after gas, electricity, and water services were restored. However, with heavy rain forecasted for Tuesday, Hines finds herself once again on edge, uncertain of what to expect. Her neighbor, Darryl Howell, who was also displaced during the flood, is considering finding a new place to live to avoid future flooding.

Officials Address Concerns and Take Precautions

Following the December flood, Collingdale borough officials have been proactive in inspecting storm drains for clogs and blockages. They have reassured residents that Tuesday’s rain is not expected to have a significant impact on Florence Avenue. However, given the increasing flood risks, some residents, like Howell, are contemplating relocation to minimize their vulnerability to future flooding. Moving, however, is not a viable option for everyone, as Hines expressed her attachment to her home and her determination to stay.

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Jersey Shore Braces for the Storm

Residents and public officials at the Jersey Shore are also preparing for the incoming storm, which is anticipated to bring heavy rain, high winds, and beach erosion. Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small Sr. has mobilized emergency crews to handle potential damage caused by strong winds, power outages, and flooding. Small advises residents to stay home and shelter in place during the peak of the storm due to the dangers posed by high winds and flying debris. Beach erosion is another significant concern, as the Jersey Shore has already experienced substantial damage this winter. Mayor Small assures residents that the city is well-prepared and will provide real-time alerts through the city’s website to keep residents informed and safe during and after the storm.


As Collingdale residents and those at the Jersey Shore brace themselves for the upcoming severe storms, the fear and uncertainty from previous floods still linger. Residents like Carolyn Hines and Darryl Howell are grappling with the decision of whether to stay and face potential future flooding or seek safer accommodations elsewhere. Collingdale officials have taken steps to address concerns and inspect storm drains, while Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small Sr. has mobilized emergency crews to prepare for high winds, power outages, and beach erosion. The resilience and determination of these communities will be tested once again as they navigate the challenges brought by Mother Nature.